Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me. ~Harry Potter in The Prisoner of Azkaban

I am having one of those "if it can go wrong it will" days. I have already typed this blog entry once on my iPad. I went to publish it and *poof* gone! It didn't archive or save the draft. Ughhh.

I was using the iPad because the computer was being so slow and the wi-fi here is less than stellar.

Let me just give you a break down of my day:

We get to the airport and there is not a SINGLE open parking space. We finally stop and ask somebody and she goes "Oh, yeah, you need to go to the the economy lot." Seriously? couldn't somebody put up a FULL sign?

We drop our bags and head to security. As much as we fly, I should be on a first name basis with some of the TSA agents. I have the whole routine down pat. Off with my shoes and watch, boarding pass out, iPad and MacBook in their own little tub, ziploc quart bag of liquids out, I feel so confident....WRONG!

They pull my backpack and for the first time EVER they take my digital camera and my watch out. HUH??? No idea. THEN, I have to have my hair patted down, huh??? oh well, it was nice and wet and in a pony tail.

We finally get to our gate and they are already boarding! Oh No!! That means no breakfast! I get cranky with no food. Honestly, do you think I got to be this size by skipping meals? My band hasn't changed my mental need for some kind of sustenance at regular intervals.

We get on the plane, good take off (thanks!), and I decide to purchase a snack box. Dang I picked the fru-fru nuts and seeds box. Blech! I open up the 'veggie' spread and thanks to the changes in air pressure it explodes on my shirt. Oh joy!

We finally land, but not before I think one of the wheels has fallen off, fun landing :) We get our bags and head to the rental car desk. I need to give you a little back story. I reserved our car through Hot Wire and bought the car insurance for $45 dollars. I called the insurance company and spoke with them and was feeling pretty secure with my purchase, UNTIL we got to the Dollar rental car desk. OMG this woman scared the crap out of.

She starts telling me how cheap this insurance is and I should have NEVER bought it. If something happens I will have to pay Dollar up front and then recoup my money from the insurance. I'm freaking, I feel stupid, I wind up paying way too much money. Needless to say, I won't be using Dollar again!

Oh but wait, it gets better! They don't bring you the car. Somebody, in an accent that is hard for me to understand, tells me to go to the end on the left and pick a car. They don't bring it to you. You walk half a mile, with all your luggage,  unsure what you've been told and hope for the best. Well, the best is a blue Grand Marquis. We're referring to it as our Land Yacht. We don't park, we dock, you don't brake, you deploy the anchor and you don't drive, you sail! It definitely has loads of room!

We finally check into our hotel. It isn't bad! It has a fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. The beds are comfy. So we head for Wal-Mart. No trip is complete without a trip to the local store. We get all of our stuff and decide to use the self-check lane. Of course, wouldn't you know, one of our items doesn't have a tag or a UPC code anywhere! Sweet Blaine runs and gets another one. Whew!

We get back to the room and take a nice long nap. We were both stressed to the max. This is not how we wanted to begin our latest adventure! I keep waiting for a giant boulder to break out from a wall and start chasing me down the street!

You'd think, that maybe, that was the end of the stress. Oh NO! The hits just kept on coming.

We went out to eat and shared a steak. Ordered it medium WELL. The steak came from a poor Hemophiliac steer. That sucker was bleeding all over the plate. I had to ask the nice waitress to kill it again, it was still throbbing on the plate. Once it comes back, it's a pretty good steak!

We get back to the room, I figure out exactly how slow the wi-fi is and since I don't have a printer in the room  I decide I want to go down to the lobby and purchase our Islands of Adventure (home of Harry Potter) tickets and print them out. One less line we'll have to wait in. I get the tickets purchase, email opened, PDF downloaded and the computer freaks out. It doesn't want to let me open the PDF and print. WHAT???? OMG, my brain is going to explode.

I talk to the nice clueless guy at the front desk and he tells me I can come down in the morning and talk to his manager. Maybe he'll be able to help me. Oh No, this is not going to do. He stands there wracking his brain and then he says, call customer service.

Dear Lord, thank you for Jason of the IT gurus! It took forever but sweetie pie Jason finally got my tickets printed. When I get back to the room, Blaine is heading out the door. I was gone so long, he thought I'd been abducted by Harry Potter and was on the Hogwarts express. (not really, but that sounds more fun that being mugged or falling down a flight of stairs!)

Please pray for us. We need a better day tomorrow! I do have a hot date with Harry Potter!!! We're getting up early and plan on being there when the park opens!

Time for bed! Maybe I'll dream I'm playing Quidditch!

Thanks for all the bloggy love you've been showing! Keep up the good work!


p.s. Hopefully I'll have tons of pictures tomorrow. I was afraid if I tried to take any, my phone would explode!

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