Friday, November 18, 2011

"I love Thanksgiving turkey... It's the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breasts." - AHnuld

I was fortunate to have another former student visit me today! He is a SENIOR! Ask him how many instruments he plays! His response is "All of them!" He is already planning to get his doctorate! I expect this young man to do great things!

I also found a picture of me from when I was 4-5 years old.
Look at my eyes they are brown. This is not a trick or bad coloring. Now look:
No colored contacts or computer tweaking. This happened when I was in high school. Freaky?

We had our Friday night "hot date" at a little restaurant in Crawfordsville named Uncle John's.
I got the sampler platter. Raviolis, lasagna, and shells filled with spinach and covered with a white sauce! The shells were my favorite!

Blaine got the Friday night catfish fillet plate. I loved the catfish!

Before I got Elmer (my band) I would have eaten all this bread and begged for more. It was super buttery and delicious. I ate a whole piece and almost regretted it.
 After I finished snapping photos of our food, an older lady (she may have been the owner or the manager, I don't know) came over and asked me why I was taking pictures. I told her about my blog. I gave our waitress my card :) The waitstaff was excellent here. The young man who took our drink orders was adorable! I asked him what he liked to eat... corn dog and tater tots, I passed :) I asked the waitress and wasn't disappointed. I would definitely order the shells stuffed with spinach and covered with the white sauce again! The other stuff wasn't bad, I just loved the shells!

We stopped and visited with Blaine's parents and told them we'd like to take them there for catfish night in a few weeks. I think we'll have a double date!

I realized I forgot to go to Gus's and order my turkey! To the BATMOBILE! Blaine whisked me over there and I ordered my Thanksgiving Turkey!

On our way home we drove through town and looked at the houses that already have their Christmas lights UP AND ON! People, please wait until after Thanksgiving to at least turn them on!

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  1. Umm what kinda cards do you have?

    Those shells look yummy!!

  2. Your eyes still have some brown'ish in them. And that pic of you when you were little. Omgosh.. how adorable!!!


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