Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm a list maker and a procrastinator!

I have finally finished sorting all of my coupons and placing them in my binder. After waking up feeling like crap this morning, that is the only thing I have accomplished today.

With Thanksgiving this week and my cupboards bare, it's time to make some lists. Here is a list of the lists I'm going to make:

Things to do to have the house ready.
Things I'm going to cook.
What I need to buy at the grocery store.

Things to do to have the house ready:

Clean the bathrooms.
Make the beds.
Wipe down the baseboards and window sills.
Attack all the spiderwebs that we can find.
Clean off the dining and kitchen tables
Hang the thingamajig on the wall
Place the letter art on the wall
Clean closet and hang up clothes (MASSIVE!)
Clean the batkave
Straighten laundry room
Clean the kitchen (MASSIVE!)
Go to the grocery store

Things to cook:
Turkey - Gus's is cooking
Dressing - Tona's mama
Mashed potatoes - MIL
Dessert - SIL
Veggie - SIL
Corn casserole - me
Green Bean Bundles - me
Sweet potatoes - me
Salad - me
I'm sure I forgot something. I hoped putting it on here would help me to not forget!

Grocery store:

For this I have to sit down with my recipes and make this out. I also have some awesome coupons, that include free bacon and carrots! For the first time I have coupons for veg-all! That means it's almost time for chicken pot pie!!!!

For the past few days I've felt like crap, Mother Nature is keeping me down. Blaine is such an awesome man. I'm lucky he's in my life! He worked on the house while I whined and did coupons.

Thank goodness that school is out Wednesday. I'll probably be running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

I'll get it all done, but because I've been procrastinating, it won't be until Thursday evening.

So, if I don't blog everyday (Tanya), don't worry! I'll take plenty of pictures between now and Thursday night!

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