Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pinterestaholic - that's me

I had been hearing about this new thing called Pinterest. I read about it on other blogs, people were mentioning it on facebook, and friends were talking about it at work.

So I decided to join. Oh My Goodness. This site is addictive. All these cute crafts, yummy recipes, decorating tips, and just funny stuff. I can sit for an hour and just look at everything!

Part of having this blog is that I can see the traffic that comes through. The different countries, the search phrases, referring websites, and other things that drive people to visit my blog. I was looking at my traffic and noticed that I was getting an unusual amount of traffic from pinterest.

Imagine my surprise when I started digging and found where somebody had "pinned" me. There I was, a picture of me, on Pinterest. Granted, they were pinning my crock pot beef vegetable soup recipe. But still, the picture, not the most flattering one, is there. My word is flabbergasted. That's how I felt. I just wish it were a cuter picture.

It's kinda cool, I must admit. So thanks to my pinner.

Keep showing the bloggy love!


p.s. I have a bunch of little glass Coca-Cola bottles. Any crafty suggestions for what I can do with them?

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  1. Yep - I found out about Pinterest because many people told me my daughter's Time Out Chair was pinned on there. And, it has almost become a viral has been repinned so many times. ha! And, I am addicted is a great website!


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