Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today I got a wild hair and made my first thing from Pinterest! I cut up an old t-shirt and VOILA! a scarf!!! It wasn't as easy as it looked. This is actually my second attempt. I think my next one will look even better!

We met our friends Charlotte and Larry for dinner at the Memphis Pizza Cafe in Mid-Town Memphis. We sat for two hours and just ate and visited. Our conversation was all over the map. I'm sure if anybody was listening to us they were entertained!
If you can't tell, this is Larry's "I'm having a great time" smile. You should see his "I'm bored senseless and I wish I was at home watching NASCAR" face.

I had half of a half Chef Salad and slice of pizza. I chewed slow and took lots of time!

We had a great time hanging with them. I wish they lived closer!
I'm off to scour Pinterest for my next project. I may be making some Christmas presents! If you're somebody I normally 'gift' each year, you might want to put in a (reasonable) request.

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  1. First off the scarf was da bomb! And no we didnt plan to match in purple... we just did. Cuz we're AWESOME!! :) And I wish we lived closer too. You could ride the tractor to our house. hahaha!! Oh & Our conversation went from Penile Implants to plans for New Years. Completely entertaining!!! And yeah.. that IS Larry's happy face. I wish he'd smile once in a while. He has a great smile.


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