Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There is NO EXCUSE for bad behavior!

Be prepared! I'm about to rant!

All opinions are welcome!

Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Generally I'm a half-full kinda girl. I try to find other half-full people and get them to combine glasses with me so we're all the way full! If you want a half-empty glass, go for broke and pour the rest of your crap out and get a new glass! Don't try to take mine!

I let things upset me, sometimes too much. I rarely let go of what I believe are true injustices.

Right now I'm having a hard time letting go of some hurt feelings. Every time I see or hear this particular person, my teeth ache and I feel kinda violent. I wanna take off my monkey hat and beat them with it!

If you are my true friend, you know I will whip out the monkey hat in a heart beat and brandish it about with fury and precision!

Mostly, I'm just full of hot air and will vent about crap in my blog or on facebook! I am rarely violent IRL (in real life.) Those times I resort to a violent outburst are few and far between, but are usually fodder for excellent story telling. (Ask me about the story of the shotgun and the mattress!)

I have a hypothetical story, let's hear your response. (If you are my friend with this college aged child, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Because it seems the innocent don't deserve any protection.)

Bubba comes home from college and tells you that the teacher stays on him about doing his home work and coming to class on time.

At this point, I'm all on the teacher's side, this is true! Bubba do your work and go to class on time! Act right! College is expensive!  It's also college, take care of your own business don't run home and cry to momma. Man up and do what needs doing!

Then, Bubba brings home an F in this class. You get ready to have a "Come to Jesus meeting" with the fruit of your womb. College is EXPENSIVE!

You start to hear more of the story. There is another student in the class that never does his homework, shows up to class thirty minutes late constantly, or shows up and leaves for the bathroom, never to return. This student is constantly praised by the teacher for being so awesome.

This student is given responsibilities over the other students. He grades the tests. He acts superior, like he knows everything there is to know and the perfect way to do it. He snitches on the other students for not doing homework or attending class. This student has an A. Uhmm, what?

Instead of believing Bubba (cuz you know a child will lie like it breathes to stay out of trouble and in your good graces!) you go to the teacher and ask a few questions. Maybe they never noticed that little Aaron, is not the model student.

The teacher tells you it's none of your business. Aaron is awesome and that Bubba should take notes and be more like Aaron. She's the teacher and she knows what is best for her class. No questions asked, no explanations given. How dare you question any decision that she has made in her class.

What in tarnation is going on? Why would a student, the whole class knows doesn't do the required work or come to class on time, be praised and be able to make an A on top of it? Also, Aaron prances around the room telling the other students how awesome he is and how they should be more like him. The students are contemplating a lynch mob, watch out Aaron!

How do you explain to Bubba he should do right with this bright and shiny example, named Aaron, is glaring at them?

Wouldn't you want to find out what's with the preferential treatment? Shouldn't the students be told why this student is getting preferential treatment?

I know that fair is where you get Pronto Pups and Cotton Candy (oh and deep fried Twinkies, oh crap! I gained a pound just typing that!) but shouldn't, what appears to be, unfair treatment be explained?

As a student how motivated would you be to do what's right, when you see bad behavior, or what you think is bad behavior. being rewarded?

What should Bubba's mother do? What would you do? What if it were Bubba's kindergarten, 6th grade Math, or Senior English teacher? Does the level make a difference?

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p.s. I went to the Bandologist today. I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any. I can't have another fill until they find out why I am hoarse. No fill until at least January. Now I have to go to an ENT and have my sinuses checked out!


  1. I think that parent has every right to know what is going on. If she doesn't feel her questions have been answered adequately, she should talk with the dean of the department. -mgcupples

  2. Well... I say that Bubba needs to get use to this type treatment b/c it's rampant in the Corporate World. I'd be mad if Bubba was my child but I dont think it's random.


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