Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gimme a Break, Christmas Break!

My Great-nephew, Mr. Cutie Pie

My Dad with all the great-grandkids.

Dad and Coco with the grandkids

Dad and Coco with the grandkids and their spouses.

Peanut unwrapping a Kiss with oven mitts???

Dad and Coco with the kids and spouse

Me and my handsome hunk :D

Dad, Coco, and the kids

I had a very merry Christmas. Lots of good family time. Blaine and I have been doing lots of running around and I just haven't been blogging.

Here's what we've been doing!

*Had dinner with my brother and his family
*Christmas with my side of the family at my sister's
*Went to services at my dad's church
*Christmas at my aunt's house
*Doctor's appt. I still have rosacea and always will, keep using the creams!
*Made four more cheese balls
*played trivia
*Dinner with Blaine's parents and aunt
*Christmas with Blaine's side of the family
*Lunch with Blaine's parents
*OMG I'm sick :(
*Woohoo I'm better!
*Watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - kinda liked it!
*Played trivia
*read, read, read!
*finally got the kitchen cleaned!

I do have to share one present I got:
Neck Firming cream

What's your favorite gift?



  1. Two big surprises for me this year - a Kindle which I am loving, and a haircut. Bill Page got his long hippy hair cut off. I had no idea that he was going to do it. He had Jennifer take a pic with his phone. That's how I found out - a text with pic! He looks great and he's really liking it.
    Girl, you are looking fabulous!

    What's that at the top of the Christmas tree?


  2. I enjoy reading your blog; you all are constantly on the move. Your weight loss is amazing. I would love to have that surgery but I have had all the surgeries I intend to for a while.
    Have a great rest of your break!
    Brenda H


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