Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am busy doing nothing.

It doesn't feel like it, but I have been in education since 1994. Throughout the years I've had several humorous things happen with students. I know I've forgotten most of the good ones, but there are a few I remember. Today, I get to add another funny story to my repertoire.

Student: I want to be a sophisticated lady, but with a grill.
Me: Do you know what an oxymoron is?
Student: A drug?
Me: Oh My Gawd! I love my job!!!

Here are a couple of my other favorite stories:

Student: Have you had your umbilical cord tied?
Me: Yes, have you?
Student: Nope, I'm gonna have me some kids!

Student: You know he was preaching about the kool-aid and the crackers
Me: Kool-aid and crackers????
Student: You know! Drinking the kool-aid and eating the crackers at church!
Me: Do you mean the Lord's supper? communion? the body of Christ?
Student: Uhm, it might have been that.

I was singing "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" with a Kindergarten class, we were going through all the animals and a little girl interrupts.
Kindergarten Girl Student: EWWWW! She ate animals!
Kindergarten Boy Student: YOU eat animals!!!!
KGS: I eat chicken LEGS!
Me: Where do you think chicken legs come from?
KGS: Church's
My side still hurts from laughing.

I wish I had written down the other funny stories! With this blog, maybe I'll have a way of remembering them!

What are your favorite oxymorons?

I like:
government intelligence
jumbo shrimp
biggie smalls

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Here's today's outfit: I wish I had some dark brown leggings and boots to go with this top!
want this one Nina?


  1. Blue jeans and white socks? Robin. Puh-leeze. You know I have taught you better.
    Socks match pants.
    Purse matches shoes.
    Hose match shoes and therefore go with purse.

    Awful good - my oxymoron. lol
    Still loving this blog.

    You should still be singing...

  2. They were no show socks and I had been wearing sneakers. I carry a wildly colorful Vera Bradley bag, so everything matches. I do NOT have denim colored socks! Baby steps! Just be glad I finally carry a purse!

  3. Yep, that top is adorable!
    And no, I never match shoes and bags. I like colorful bags and simple shoes; thus, they never match. :)nina


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