Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I deserve a break today.

 Dear Blog Readers,

I promise I don't have unreasonable expectations for the service industry. At least I don't think I do. Do you think I do?

Here's the letter I just submitted to McDonald's:

I'm usually pretty understanding with our McDonald's. I don't get crazy when they give me Peppermint Mocha, not the Peppermint Hot Chocolate I ordered (twice). I stay calm when I ask for Sweet Tea and get Unsweet or funky tea (too many times to count.) I realize the kids are doing their best and just trying to be as fast as possible.

Many of these kids are former students, I am patient. I may complain to my friends and husband, but I don't want to get anybody in trouble.

But, tonight took the prize.

At approximately 9:45pm, I went inside the Missouri Street McDonald's and attempted to use my Big Mac and Large Fries coupons that I purchased from LivingSocial. The deal where I paid $13 and got coupons for five Big Macs and five Large Fries. The woman who checked me out (she had a name tag with the word MANAGER on it) told me that she couldn't get the coupons to work and that I would have to pay $4.20. I'm sorry, What?

How is it that somebody with the title "Manager" couldn't fix this? I remained calm and just asked for my coupons back. She kept trying to get it to go through and nothing was working. Once again, I asked for my coupons back, she finally returned them.

I know things happen, there are misunderstandings. But wasn't this a nationwide offer? Shouldn't there have been some kind of training or a printout to help run these coupons through the register? Shouldn't the manager be able to override the register and just give me the food?

Please help me understand.

FYI Blog Readers here's the fine print from the back of the coupons:

Fine Print: Voucher booklet contains ten (10) separate tear-away vouchers. Individual tear-away vouchers do not expire • Limit one per purchaser • Voucher booklet will be sent via first-class mail and should be expected to arrive within two weeks after purchase • Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that the mailing address confirmed at the point of purchase will be provided to a third party vendor for fulfillment only and will not be used for any other purpose • May be used over multiple visits • Limit one Big Mac voucher and one Large Fries voucher per store visit per customer (all visits to same restaurant within two-hour period constitute single visit) • Vouchers valid at any participating US location • Be sure to mention your LivingSocial voucher before placing your order 

 Doesn't this make you think that you are allowed a Big Mac AND a Large Fries voucher at the same time?

Tell me what you think!



  1. Yes it does. I would be livid. I have no patience for stupidity!

  2. Of course you are correct! It's plain as day. The manager person should have served your food free of charge and worried over the $4.20 later. What a dumbass. I hope Corporate tells her how the cow ate the cabbage.


  3. Most definitely!! Plainly states that a limit of one EACH may be used...duh?


  4. Participating locations ... Maybe that store doesn't participate! Wonder how you find out which locations are participants in that offer...

    -- Steph B


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