Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I wanna Know!

I wanna know when I grew up?

When did I become the responsible adult?

When did I get more excited about the prospect of paying off my mortgage and not what I was doing on the weekend?

When did I become the person that makes sure that everybody has been fed and isn't hungry?

When did I start cooking for potlucks instead of being the soda and chips person?

When did I start paying all my bills before going out to eat and to the movies?

When did I start clipping coupons and getting a thrill from cooking?

When did I start saying  "I can't, it's a school night, I have to get to bed?"

When did having a seven year old car, and being proud of it, surpass wanting a new car?

Am I going to start cleaning my house on a daily basis? Keeping the dishes and the laundry done? Will I start dusting? What's left before I become a full-fledged grown-up?

I think I'll go downstairs and knit a hat for somebody's 2012 Christmas present.

Gah! My bones ache and I'm cranky.

Getting old isn't as fun, but I'm glad to be alive!

Put in your order for what color hat you want, because whether you like it or not you're either getting a hat or a project from Pinterest.

I'm crafty like that!


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