Monday, December 5, 2011

I've got the brain of a four year old. I'll bet he was glad to be rid of it. Groucho Marx

I finally went for my visit to the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor.

He looked, probed, x-rayed (I so wanted a pic of my skull, but didn't get the chance to take it.), and swabbed away. Trying to figure out why I'm hoarse.

He says I have nodules on my vocal cords. He asked me if I sang. I laughed! Despite what Lisa P used to think, I do NOT sing at weddings! I don't sing, even badly, any more.

He also started asking questions and feathers came up. Oh no! I sleep on a feather bed topper. He said that because of it's age it's probably full of dust mites and could be contributing to my whacked out sinuses.

He told me to toss it, take off all the sheets and pillows and wash them good, and start over. 

Guess what I'm getting for Christmas! A down alternative bed topper, new pillow, and a new set of sheets. Woot Woot! (I wish there was a font called "sarcasm"!)

Oh yeah I have to squirt some prescription crap up my nose and use another squirter every morning and put Dr. Neil's up my nose, oh joy! (once again, I need the sarcasm font!)

Hopefully all this will help. They are supposed to call me by Friday and give me the results of swab test and tell me if I need to take antibiotics. Oh joy!

So to soothe my nerves I had something called a Hot Damn Chocolate!

Take two packages of your favorite hot chocolate mix.
Pour into a 16 ounce cup

Add 2-3 ounces of Hot Damn! Cinnamon Schnapps
Mix well.
Add hot water to the top of the cup.
Drink responsibly, go to bed!

What's your winter soothing drink?

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