Sunday, December 11, 2011

O, Christmas Tree

Blaine accepted the daunting task of assembling the Christmas tree.

I was cleaning the kitchen and snapping pictures while he worked.

View from our sidewalk.

Our first Christmas together 2006

From when I used to be a 'teacher'. Now I'm just a librarian. We don't get presents :)

One of our Zoo ornaments. We try to buy 1-2 every year. I usually get them on clearance and I make sure to use our discount for being members!

This section of my tree is dedicated to my sister and the movie Christmas Story.

A Christmas ornament we purchased on one of our vacations.

I made this ornament when we lived in North Little Rock. I was 5, I think. The spatula was a gift from my friend Jami last year. I thought it looked cute on the tree!

Our latest zoo ornament addition.

The last wedding gift we received. It was from my friend Denise W.G. Better late than never and it looks adorable on the tree.

I made this ornament. I took a frosted ornament and put purple and white acrylic paint on the inside. I swirled it around until all the surfaces were covered. Then I place it upside down so all the excess paint could drip out and replaced the gold topper.

My friend Sharon G. made this. LOVE!

This was a present from Don Tyler W. I still remember, it's a beautiful ornament and one of my favorites.

The roadrunners ears broke off, but I keep it because it's still cute.

This was a gift from my first college roommate Leslie Gibbs McKay.

A little ornament that said "Elaine" I closed in the E with some white out and made it BLAINE!

Elvis M&M ornament from Las Vegas.

This was given to me during my student teaching in Sixth Grade in Walnut Ridge.

Blaine did an excellent job!!!

Merry Christmas!


p.s. I love having mismatched ornaments. Most of them have a story and I enjoy the memories! If you ever want to buy me a gift and have no idea what to get. Make or buy me a Christmas ornament. I will forever treasure it!

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