Saturday, December 3, 2011

People are very open-minded about new things--as long as they're exactly like the old ones. Charles F. Kettering

Today was a great day.
Beautiful weather.
Accomplished much.
Cooked food.
Had a great dinner with friends.

Tonight one of my facebook friends posted a question about being "unfriended."

Do you unfriend people on facebook when you don't like their opinions and comments?

What is cause for "unfriending" someone?

Is it their opinions?
If they are a Democrat and you're a Republican?
They are an Atheist and you're a Baptist?
They use "salty" language?
They post commercials for products?
They play games?
They post their blog every night?
They're gay, you're straight?
They have kids, you don't?

What is your limit?

What does it take for you to tell somebody you're no longer my friend?

I've been unfriended by a few people and I wanted to know why. It really bothered me. I think if you friend me and then you change your mind, you should have to give a reason! And please don't unfriend me :)

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  1. I don't think I have unfriended anyone. However, I do "hide" students and former students who fill up my feed with that stupid number game, and the equally annoying TBH game. I also hide whiners. I hide them at the first, "I'm bored" post.


  2. If people use vulgar language I delete them. Not only does it annoy me, but I don't really want to surround myself, even if only on facebook, by people that feel the need to talk so ugly. Other than that, someone would have to post something REALLY bad, like something that truly offended the person that I am, before I would delete them.
    Laura J.

  3. I actually BLOCKED someone because she started creating drama between me & my husband. I won't stand for that. But otherwise, I have HIDDEN a few feeds because I don't want to go on a social network to hear people get on their soapbox OR advertise. ~nina

  4. I've only unfriended one person. She was a friend of my daughter, and they had had a falling out. If I become annoyed with people's updates on a regular basis I just "hide" them. And I have been known to refuse a few friend requests. I think I have been unfriended by a couple of people. But no one that was a friend IRL. Elaine


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