Friday, January 13, 2012

friggatriskaidekaphobia - God Bless You!

Picture of me today and a year ago!

I haven't been blogging as much as normal. It's due to my new knitting obsession! I've made FIVE hats and a scarf and I have another scarf in the works. Today we used 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby and bought more yarn and a new loom for making scarves!

 Not a lot has been happening this week. It has gotten pretty cold. My constant need to stuff food in my mouth has lessened. I've dropped a couple of pounds. Not bad.

Today is Friday the 13th. I don't usually think anything about it. I'm not much for superstitions. Ughhh, today was not my day!

We decided to go eat at Bahama Breeze for dinner. Aunt Olivia had given us a coupon for $10 off :) Everything was great until we headed for the car to leave....

The car to the right > is ours.
 Blaine had to crawl through the passenger side to get in the driver's seat to back up the car. He was not amused. Neither was I.
What you can't see is that the car to the left of the offending vehicle is about EIGHT feet away from this SUV. They had no need to park this close to our little Hyundai.

I wish I'd a brochure for driving school. I'd have left it and a "nice" little note.

This wasn't the end of my wonderful day. The hits just kept on rolling.

After a nice little visit to Hobby Lobby, with no drama, we headed to the cheap movies. We have a theater that shows movies for $2.50. Blaine and I decided to see separate movies. I went to see "In Time" with Justin Timberlake and he went to see "Immortals" with Mickey Rourke.

I'd like to preface this story with this: I am all about not infringing on somebody's moving going experience. I've blogged about having a movie goers bill of rights. I don't talk on my phone, I don't constantly yammer to Blaine, I try not to kick the seat in front of me, and I try to be nice.

Before the movie started I was reading a book on my iPad. It's backlit, so it puts off a lot of light. I was on a row all by myself, nobody was around me when I began to read. I read through the commercials and when the previews started I was about to close the iPad WHEN....

this old man at the end of my aisle leans over and says nastily "you need to turn that off." He's at least 5-6 seats away from me, so he's saying it really loud. I was not happy.

#1 the movie has NOT BEGUN
#2 BE NICE! Honey not vinegar, don't you listen to your momma?
#3 I had this out when you chose your seat, pick a new seat!!!

Then he says something to the manager, the movie still hasn't started, the manager comes over to me and says something. I told him when the movie started I would turn it off.

The old man started mouthing again and I told him he could complain when the movie started but until then to calm down. His wife (or aide from the nursing home) decided to chime in and I told her to be quiet. I had had enough.

After a day of watching the In School Suspension class and trying to double check a list using names that weren't alphabetized, I really didn't need to deal with a bully who apparently had never had anybody stand up to him and his whiny ways. I bet he was a tattletale in school too.

After a stop at McDonald's, to use their facilities, we headed home. We went by Kroger for some Banana Split Blue Bell ice cream. As I was heading into the store I ran into a couple of girls from our cross town rivals (Marion Patriots) and asked them about the basketball game.

They were SUPER SWEET and told me that it was an awesome game and that the West Memphis Blue Devils had won after an overtime. Told me congratulations and just made my day. They made my day, not because West Memphis won the game, but because of their attitudes and genuine congratulations.

What has happened to people being nice. We have had more run-ins with rude people with bad attitudes in Memphis lately. I don't like it. The South is known for its hospitality and kindness, if you can't handle it, leave, please!


p.s. I'm going on a vacation to Flagstaff, AZ this summer! I checked today and the average daily high in July is 82!!!! I may have to take a jacket! Sounds amazing!


  1. Ha! I saw that word on the news this morning! Today started out awesome for us, but it turned ugly quick. Maybe I should start believing the superstition.

  2. my day started out terrible and ended awesome! / how was the movie? besides asshole guy? / look how skinny your face is.. congrats on the weight loss <3

  3. Movie was okay. Glad I only paid $2.50 to see it!


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