Thursday, January 5, 2012

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. - Susan Ohanian

See my hand? That's hiding a gi-normous "blemish!" Oh my heavens, it needs its own zip code. If it hangs around much longer I should be able to claim it as a dependent on my taxes!!!

Here are the pictures of my two most recent piggy banks:
This is for my friend Lisa and her baby girl. I will call her Eunice until they reveal her name! Lisa is a die-hard LSU fan. Jesus still loves her. Let's all have a moment of prayer for Lisa.

This is for our not-yet born, new great-nephew, Eli. I hope he likes football!
Also, I gave away my first hat attempt. Isn't he a cutie patootie?
He is ROCKIN' the knit cap! Caleb is a man of style. I'm sure this hat will NEVER be on his head again :-D
Things I'm proud of today:

I only drank water, milk, and juice. I was tempted with Mt. Dew and was strong!
I loaded and ran the dishwasher.
We walked to Blaine's parents, stayed and visited, and walked back home. Blaine's mom sent us home with some yummy Mexican cornbread. OMG it was delicious!
I cooked dinner, lasagna (that I made and had frozen), vegetables in a bag, and Texas toast.

I wish I had the guts to be honest.

I'm no good at telling people what I really feel. Especially when I feel I'm being taken advantage of in a bad way.

I want to stay friends with these people. I'm afraid, if I tell them what I'm thinking, that they will get mad.

I'm not good at dealing with mad folks. I want everybody to be happy.

I can't go into details here. I know these people read my blog :)

I know, I know, if they aren't treating me nice I don't need to be friends with them.

I'm kinda wondering if they realize what they are doing is not very nice.

I'm not a big believer in Astrology, but....

I'm a LIBRA. My sign is the scales. I like my world in balance. I want everybody happy. I want everything to be fair. Not the corndog and cotton candy kind of fair either!

Normally, I am not the confrontational type. I have had my moments. Boy, have I had some moments!

Thanks for letting me ramble and rant :)



  1. Well oh shit, Robin. If it is me just say so. I am loud, annoying, and at times quite abrasive. But after teaching 7th grade for 17 years, I have developed the hide of a rhino. So, just spill it sister. I want to apologize.

    Rant now over...Next... Look at your fingers in that pic at the top. Even your fingers are getting thin. Have you had your rings resized yet?

    Lastly, just want my name cleared for your fans. I am certainly NOT the LSU Lisa. I am the Arkansas Razorback Lisa. lol

    really - tell me if it's me.

  2. #1. I had a big ole blemish once that I named Nigel. I feel your pain.
    #2. The baby AND your cap are so cute!
    #3. I LOVE the necklace the lady has on, holding the baby! I need one. :)
    ...and I love reading your blog. ~Nina

  3. I like the cotton candy, corndog type fair. (Should'a took you up on the offer to go NYE night... but Larry said no. *meanie*) When did you go to Seize the Clay? I'm j! I havent been in so long but will have to wait a lil while longer before being able to afford to go. Holly & I have already talked about it so we could all plan a date. And if somebody is treating you badly you are old enough to know you shouldnt take it. If you choose to then thats on you. Not them. If it's Us you can just say "Now look... whatever whatever... dont do that again!" and I'll promptly say "Ok, but no promises!" Lol <3


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