Thursday, January 26, 2012

To me old age is always fifteen years older than I am

Gosh my face is smaller, but dang I look 10 years older :( Fat sure does fill in all those wrinkles!

I believe this is the longest I've gone with out blogging since I began doing this seriously in January 2011.

It isn't that I haven't wanted to blog.

My computer is upstairs in the Bat Cave. My knitting is downstairs in the living room. The Big Bang episodes I've been DVRing are on the DVR in the living room. Blogging on the iPad is frustrating.

I just haven't felt motivated to go upstairs. But here I am tonight :)

Since my lost Blog, Elmer my lap-band has turned ONE. I went for a fill yesterday and I've officially lost 66 pounds. I've lost 4 pounds since my last visit. That's not bad considering I haven't had a fill since, I think, September or October. Also, I survived my TWO major eating holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I did get a fill yesterday. My 14cc band now has 9.5ccs in it.  My last few fills have been .5 or .25 we're hoping to hit my sweet spot soon!

Blaine was a sweetie pie and went with me to my appointment. I've been feeling nauseous after my last few fills. Driving over an hour is no fun when you don't feel good.

We've still been playing trivia and not doing too bad. We've managed to qualify for the semi-finals for the Memphis Trivia League. Don't be too impressed. Every location sends their top FIVE teams for each night they have trivia. (We actually qualify for two different nights!) So, there will be tons of teams!

This cold weather has me thinking about Spring Break and a Summer trip. We're discussing Destin for Spring Break and maybe another Vegas/Hawaii trip this summer. We've also thought about a trip to the east coast to Charleston, South Caroline.

We did go to Paragould Saturday. I have newly colored hair and eyebrows! Next time I'm taking Charlotte K with me!

Since my last post I've also seen the movie Haywire. I did NOT enjoy it. No particular reason why. It just never grabbed my attention and sucked me in.

I'm sure I've forgotten something important. I'll be on here more often. Promise!



  1. I may just take you up on that margarita one day...but then again, drunk Jess would probably be banned from Arkansas!!!

  2. Oh my gosh... I think I'm 15 years older than you -- guess that makes me old... :) sdc

  3. I don't think you look older. I mean we are 29... it's time for some wrinkles for us right? Like age spots err I mean these big ole freckles that've popped up on my hands. (gah) And YES.. please take me with you. Maybe by then I'll have decided to if I want to cut it! I definitely need some color and at least a cut.


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