Monday, January 9, 2012

Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?
We do. Sheldon has to be our favorite character.

When he's sick he likes to have "Soft Kitty" sung to him.
Sometimes when he's homesick too. (Ignore the captions, unless you speak the language and then, by all means, read away!)

Saturday I was possessed by Mario Andretti, or was it the Princess from Mario Kart? It seemed like every lame driver was getting in my way. Not just driving slow, completely stopping in the road!!!

The longer I drove, the more irritated I got.

Suddenly, Blaine reaches over and starts rubbing my arm and singing "Soft Kitty!"

I burst out laughing and immediately calmed down!

How can I not love a man that sings "Soft Kitty?"

This weekend was fast and furious.

Friday night we ate at Picadilly, went to visit Aunt Olivia in the hospital (she's home now, thank you God!), stopped at Swanky's for a snack (had a foursquare coupon), and finished my first scarf!

Saturday we ate at Denny's, shopping at TJMaxx and some other stores, soup at Panera Bread, stopped at Gigi's for a couple of cupcakes (had a coupon!), went to Hobby Lobby (I bought a bunch of yarn!), watched Money Ball (I liked it and I ate nachos with cheese), and more soup at McAlister's Deli.
I know I'm demented. I thought this was advertising Chocolate Lovin' SPERMcake :-O

Sunday I had Malt-O-Meal for breakfast, then we ate at TGIFriday's, went to Sam's Club, headed to Aunt Olivia's to work on her computer (she gave me TONS of yarn!!!), cooked Chicken Pot Pie for Blaine and Stacy, played trivia, and finished hat #2 & #3.
Newborn hat for Eunice!

Do you see how often food is listed? I'm staying hungry ALL THE TIME!!!!

I don't know if it's one thing, or if it's several things.

Here's some of what I think may be causing it:
*It's time to start my period
*No longer on birth control pills
*My band needs tightened
*Not making good food decisions.
*Started exercising

All this eating is playing havoc with my weight. I've gained a few pounds. I weighed 268 this morning.

On a more positive note I have gone a week with drinking only a few drinks of a soda. I did have a couple of sweet teas and everything else was water, milk, or juice. I'm doing better! Still room for improvement.

Seriously folks, I've only had one color request for your Christmas hat. Speak now, or get what you're given! I finished hat #3 today!

Love ya!

p.s. for those of you who didn't get an iPad for Christmas, here's the generic version:
The Generic iPad 2 will have wings!

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