Thursday, February 23, 2012

My keyboard brings all the blogs to the net!

I am the proud new owner of a bluetooth keyboard!

It's still a little different from a regular keyboard but SOOOOOO much better than the iPad touch screen keyboard!!!

For example the right "shift" key is tiny.
The "home" key is where I'm used to the delete key being.
The "end" key is way too close to the return key and I keep hitting it :(

BUT being able to put my fingers on the homekeys and type away is truly a joy.

This may be the death of my laptop.. Tonight I plan on getting my bluetooth mouse and hooking it up too!

It may cause a whole new love affair with my iPad!

I'm looking forward to traveling with it and attempting to blog.

Now I just have to figure out how to get this blogger app to let me add pictures AND publish. I can add pictures, but for some reason it won't let me publish any posts that contain them.

Any suggestions blog-land?


Monday, February 20, 2012

There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. ~Bertrand Russell

I love Mondays, as long as they are a Federal holiday and I'm not required to report to work!

I had a hoppin' weekend! It started out Friday night with a little something we call GNO (Girls Night Out.) I drank so much sweet tea that I was awake until 4AM!!! I'm not allowed to post pictures of the other attendees but Tona is cool!
 Saturday was fun too! We qualified for the semi-finals of the Mid-South Trivia league!!! It was based on how many points we accumulated during the months of November, December, and January.

I asked a couple of teachers from school to help out our "team." We usually play with three people, but could have up to five for the semi-finals. I thought, might as well take as many as we can!
 They gave the scores at half-time and we were 23rd out of 30-something teams. Oh the shame :( At least we weren't in last place! During the second half we seemed to be doing much better. We were SHOCKED when they called out the scores before the final question and we were in SECOND place! We didn't get the final question right but we managed to end the night in 7th place. That was good enough for us to qualify for the finals next weekend!! I was super stoked!

So excited my ankle gave way when I was toe-ing off my shoes.

I didn't go to the doctor or the ER. But it's the same ankle I had reconstructive surgery on in 2009. I still have my walking boot. So I took some Benadryl and went to bed. I've worn the boot all weekend to give my ankle a rest.
 Sunday morning my mother-in-law called and invited us over for lunch. She had meat, carrots, and gravy, mashed potatoes, white beans, and GREENS. I'm not able to eat greens as much, since I got banded, but I do love some POT LIKKER! Pot Likker is the juice from a mess of greens. I add a little hot sauce and some salt and I'm in heaven!!!!! This stuff is probably bad for me, but I love it!

She's awesome, she fixed me up a jar to take home with me! LOVE her!

Sunday night we played more trivia and managed to win first! whoohoo!

Today, we met our friends Sara and Allen at Uncle Lou's.  This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I look forward to going back! They were out of banana pudding and I love me some banana puddin!

After lunch Blaine and I went to see Ghost Rider 2. I didn't like it, Blaine had to watch 30 minutes of Entertainment Tonight and Whitney Houston's funeral coverage to equal the pain that movie caused me. 95 minutes of Ghost Rider 2 = 30 minutes of Whitney Houston's funeral in Blaine's world. That's "new math."


Thursday, February 16, 2012

I dream of a better tomorrow... where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned - Unknown

 Hello Blog world! I've missed you.  I have no reason for why I haven't been blogging. I just haven't been coming upstairs to The Bat Kave and I can't stand to try and type on my iPad. I'm going to have to do some serious research into a keyboard and mouse for it.

While I treat you to some random pictures from my phone, I'll astound you with some observations I've made recently.

If you aren't trying to embarrass your child. Please don't come to school in your pajamas and house shoes. Also, skip Wal-Mart, Kroger, and the gas station. Does it really take that much time to put on some underwear and "real" clothes?

 Liking the people around you at work can change your outlook on life.

If your pants are so tight I can tell what type of underwear you're wearing, or that you aren't wearing any, please don't wear those pants. You might want to consider a long top that covers your hoohoo!
My Aunt Olivia gave me the pan that made these flower muffins!
 I like pretty food. I have a serious problem with candy.

We had dinner tonight for $1.11. (Two extra value meals, a large one-topping pizza, and a 2 liter soda.)

Children can remember to wear two earrings or bring glasses with no lenses to school but pencils elude them.

 You're still getting a hat for Christmas, whether you want one or not!

I have a wonderful husband.

I weighed 258 pounds last week. I haven't seen a five in the tens place since the mid-1990's
 Being silly never gets old!
I still love containers with lids.

Calling school and using foul language on people who don't have the authority to make the changes isn't nice.

I've lost enough weight to equal a small 8th grader.
This looks better on you than it EVER will on me!
Winning at trivia makes me feel smarter.

I like making hats.

Why wouldn't you use coupons? Do you like paying more for the same stuff?

You can't learn anything while wearing these glasses.
I wish I had been a "cool" kid.

I would have loved to be a cheerleader.

Cherry, mmmmmm.
Miracles are all around us.

I don't deal with intentional ignorance very well.

Some parents should get a grade on how they are raising their children. They may need tutoring on how to be a better parent.

This beautiful baby girl is truly a blessing from God. She'll never doubt that she is loved or wanted. The adorable hat was made by me :)
When couples go through IVF the doctor will fertilize more eggs then they will use.  Often times a couples family will be complete but they will still have embryos left.  These embryos are frozen and the couple must decide their future.  They can choose to 1) keep them frozen forever 2) destroy them 3) turn them over to science for testing (another form of destroying them) 4) or now, couples can choose adoption for their embryos and give them a chance at life! They call children adopted as embryos "snowflake babies" because they were frozen and each is different, just like a snowflake.

For more information:

Embryo Donation
Nightlight Snowflakes Embryo Adoption

Monday, February 6, 2012

What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds. - Will Rogers

 My new phone came in!!!! I now have a camera that works!!!! Here are random pics I finally downloaded...
 Tona hitting the bottle! What she needs to get through a day at work. Don't freak, it's just medicine, not liquor. Don't go trying to get her fired! I LOVE working with her!
 I had a Velveeta coupon. My friend Jami INSISTED that I try some Queso Blanco. I haven't used it, yet. Jami swears it makes the BEST cheese dip.
 This is a "skinny" bottle of pickles. Jami loves pickles. I try to keep some in the fridge for her. Mt. Olive are some of my favorites!
 Growing up, my mother used to offer me $1 for every fingernail I would let "grow." I never collected a single dollar. I don't bite my nails, I tear them off. I have a bit of a fascination with layers and peeling them. Even when I knew I was getting married, I was never able to get my fingernails very long.

Something seemed to have clicked after I got Elmer. I have kept nails since last March. But this is the longest they have ever been (without being fake!) I have had to adjust how I type on the computer, text on the phone, and deal with other things.

My fingers have gotten smaller. I was wearing a tight size 10 and now I'm in a loose size 8 ring. Eventually I'll get my original engagement ring sized and start wearing it again!
 Tonight we went to Margarita's for Chicken Fajita's. Most of what you see is in a to-go box in the fridge!
I do love refried beans and pico de gallo! What's your favorite Mexican dish?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Many things to tell and I'm horrible at segues.

I ordered some boots at Shoe Carnival. They are in and we have to go to Memphis tomorrow night to get them. Yay!!!

Tuesday, we left at as soon as school was over. We headed to Heber Springs, for my uncle's visitation.  I love visiting with my relatives, just not the reason we were all together. 

My cousin Candy writes a blog Slightly Overcaffeinated. I read EVERY post. I love keeping up with her and her family. It was great talking to her. I knew what had been going on in her life. She's a great writer and her kids are adorable!

While we were at the visitation, a pastor friend came up and told me that he'd found the proofs from my senior high photo shoot. They were in a book that my dad gave him.

I remember looking for those pictures and never finding them. We moved about a month after I graduated from high school. I also remember that I paid $5 for each of those photos from Jenkins Photography. Have Mercy! As soon as I get my new phone I'll take some pics of the pics and let you share in my blast from the past!

Oh yeah, the shutter on my phone's camera went kaput! That's why there's been a serious decrease in my photo posting. Thank goodness it was still under warranty! I should be getting my new one any day!

The funeral was tough. My uncle was 63. That's so young. It broke my heart. I remember how I felt when my mom died and I knew what my cousins were going through. I did the whole hiccuping ugly crying. I tried not to, but I just couldn't stop.

I remember spending the night and he came out with panty hose on his head. He was hollering like a monster. I might have peed in my pants just a little. He was an awesome uncle!

The church, where my dad is pastor,  hosted a lunch for the family after the interment at the cemetery. My uncle had been a member there for years and those folks still loved him. It was very touching and appreciated.

On the way home we stopped at Dollar General to get me some quick-melt acetaminophen. We bought a couple of drinks too and then left. When we got out to the car, we realized the checker hadn't charged us for one of the drinks. My sweetie pie went back inside and gave her the money. SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY THANK YOU! What the heck? He did something, I don't even know if I'd have done it. I don't think most folks would have and she couldn't even say thank you?

The reason we were buying the quick-melts is because my ear was hurting. I had been feeling nauseated and dizzy all day. Everything I ate was making me throw up. (No I'm not prego!) I felt so bad, we even skipped Trivia! First time I have missed since we went to Orlando!

This morning about 4 am I woke up with my ear hurting.

No school for me, I went to Doc-In-A-Box. There was a line outside waiting for them to open!!! I was third, whew!

I got a shot and FOUR prescriptions. I feel so much better. By the time I got my prescriptions filled and had taken the medicine, I was feeling so much better! Blaine even came home and checked on me. I love him!

I cooked potato soup, roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery in the crock pot, did all the laundry, stripped the bed, and (for the first time ever) watched Keeping up with the Kardashians. SMH what is with Bruce Jenner wearing two diamond earrings and having had almost as much plastic surgery as Joan Rivers?

I can assure you, I will not begin DVRing this show. I'm pretty sure it will be an immediate channel flip in the future!

Today was a beautiful day. The temperature inside the house got up to 66 degrees! This evening I decided to open the front door and let in some cooler air. I noticed several of my neighbors outside chatting. I decided to join in. We chatted outside for over an hour!

I love my neighborhood and most of my neighbors!

Sorry for all the ramblin' I had stuff I wanted to get down. I wanted to put it down for my memory! It's awful and needs all the help it can get!