Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Gooseberries, but there are NO LIBERRIES!

Like my apron? I helped Aunt Olivia with some strawberries.

She was making Strawberry FREEZER JAM! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!

Sure-Jell, Strawberries, and Sugar. LOTS of sugar! Oh Heavens, it's divine!

We met some friends for dinner at Nagasaki.

Boy Shrimp

Harold is hilarious! Ask for him if you go to Nagasaki.

He does the whole show every time. Some times he adds new jokes!

I was the lucky recipient of the 'boy' shrimp.

Aunt Olivia gave us this cute plaque! Summer is just right around the corner!

Sunday I went to Deuce's house. His baby brother will be here in a few weeks.

Deuce was excited to have all those women in the house for the shower.
I'm trying for doing a blog at least once a week.
I've not been the best bandster recently. I need to get back on the "band-wagon."
Three more days until Spring Break begins. WOOHOOO!!
Tomorrow is "Pi Day" pi=3.14 tomorrow is 3.14.2012.
I made two strawberry pies to take to school.
Thursday is Parent Teacher Conferences, ughh.
Friday is Staff Development. No students and we get to go home at noon. We get to go home early because we stayed until 5:30 today. yeehaw!
Have I mentioned how much I dislike time change?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook. - Julia Child

I'm still having difficulties trying blog AND have pictures. Everything about the iPad seems to want to make that difficult. Have I mentioned I've been sick? Have I mentioned I'm still not well? Tomorrow makes a week since I first missed school. I'm tired. I came home this afternoon and took a nap! We went out to eat, because I was too tired to cook. Played trivia and came home. I'm exhausted. Yes, I know we could have stayed home, but I sure do hate missing out on the chance to win, which we did. We've been trying out new team names. Blaine doesn't like being the Weiss Asses. So far, we've been Sheldon's Seat, Dental Damsels, and Por Que Pig. I really wanted to be the Periodic Table Dancers but the name is already taken. I like the whole idea of a before and after name (like Wheel of Fortune.) Any suggestions? I'm kinda sad. After almost a year of not tearing off my fingernails, they're gone. The 3 1/2 hour wait at the doc-in-a-box last Friday was all I could handle and off they came. I'm going to try and grow them back. I miss them more than I thought. Spring Break is just right around the corner and this weekend is the time change when we "Spring Forward" why can't we change in five minute increments and just gradually get there? That one hour change kicks my hiney every time! Happy Spring! ~Robin p.s. sorry there are no pictures

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

This is the longest I have ever gone without blogging, since I began. I miss it. I realize how much I've used this as a way to remember all the stuff I do.

I haven't been taking pictures, I've just been toodling along.

Here are my highlights:

*We qualified for the Mid-South Trivia Finals. We didn't place in the prizes, but we weren't last. We're still playing and enjoying it!

*Booked a flight to Las Vegas for this summer!

*Also planning trips to New Orleans, Charleston, and Flagstaff!

*Spring break is in less than two weeks and we're going to Destin, FL.

*Fluffy will be here to guard the house!

*I lost my Vera Bradley wristlet wallet AGAIN. I wasn't so lucky this time, nobody returned it :( dang.

*I've weighed 258 for the past three days. That's 76 pounds, approximately 23% of my original weight GONE!

*I've missed three days of work due to flu, bronchitis, strep, ear ache, or whatever mystery illness decided to invade my body! This accounts for some of the weight loss!

*Throwing up, real hurling, not the I ate too much kind, is AWFUL with a lap-band!

*I had to cancel a hair appointment to get a perm. I think this is the first time I've ever canceled. I miss you Jen!

*I'm sure I've forgotten some rant that I wanted to give or a funny story that should have been shared.

*I'm going to get back on the blog writing for real.

*Blaine has taken excellent care of me while I've been sick.

*I have eaten a whole box of Dulce de Leche Girl Scout Cookies in the past week :(

*I need to get our taxes together and just haven't gotten motivated.

*No matter how it's served codeine/hydrocodone/oxycontin makes me itch!!!

*I bought a six-serving sized box of Captain Crunch for $1. LOVE!

*I miss browsing Pinterest.

*The iPad just isn't as good as the laptop when it comes to blogging. Now that I have a keyboard I miss the mouse. Just no making me happy ;)

Anything you want to ask or know, hit me with your best shot! I'll do my best to answer what I can.

I miss y'all!