Monday, April 23, 2012

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. - B. F. Skinner

I am not happy with FedEx today.

My iPad was shipped and delivery attempted today. Nobody calls. Nobody sends me an email asking if I'm going to be home.

Do they realize that most people work during the day. Of course I wasn't home at 10:30 am. I call.

The female I spoke with suggested that I go to the FedEx location on Appling (not nearby) AFTER 6pm and I could retrieve my package. Seriously? She told me there was nothing she could do for me. I could either take off work and get my package or go to the package center after 6pm. Nothing she could do? I ask to speak to somebody else, she put me on hold "forever" and I hung up.

Why can't they deliver it to where I work? They say a change in location must be authorized by the sender. The sender is APPLE. They don't even know who I am.

I have to contact a friend who's mom works for FedEx. She's awesome. I don't know and don't care what she did, but they will be delivering it between 3 and 5pm tomorrow. That I can handle.

Why do they have to make things so difficult? It's not like they get to keep my package if they can't deliver it, do they?

What would you have done?

24 more mornings until summer!
45 more days until the family reunion!
64 more days until Chattanooga and Charleston!
80 more days until Flagstaff 
 (dates subject to change due to better counting lol)

Yesterday's food:

Yesterday was Blaine's birthday. We had lunch at Firebird's and dinner at Popeye's :) I'm not recording yesterday's food money because it was a holiday! I also baked him a hot fudge cake, yumm-o!

I did spend $67 at Sam's on mini cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, spoons, green beans, bacon bits, and mushrooms.

I have been groovin' on sliced cucumbers and ranch dressing.

Today's food:
Bacon $1.25
Tea $1.40
Sliced cucumbers w/ranch and baked potato w/Italian dressing
Chicken pot pie soup and homemade beef vegetable
Leftover hot fudge cake
Creamed spinach
fried potatoes and onions
Green Beans
Stouffer's Chicken Cordon Bleu bake

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  1. Always check shipping info before purchasing. Sometimes it will tell you about their requirements.


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