Thursday, April 26, 2012

I’m not perfect and I’m glad because I think that would make me extremely boring

Who knows the real me?

I am so many different people. Not schizophrenic different, just different for the people/situation.

I'm a ...

Each one comes with their description. How many of these "mes" do you know?

Are you one of the lucky ones that I'm completely relaxed around? Who is the real me?

I feel like the Coca-Cola recipe. Only a couple of people know me. Even then they don't know everything. They may think they do, but I still keep pieces of me to myself.

I just wanna be me. I don't want to be judged or lectured about what I am or am not doing. By now, if I'm not how you want me to be, nagging me isn't going to fix it. There's is more than one route to the final destination.

Just because I'm not following your directions doesn't mean I won't find my way there.

Don't judge me, just love me.


p.s. the heat in the library is starting to fry my brain cells

Today's food:
lunch: more chicken Alfredo leftovers
tea $1.40
dinner: skillet tilapia, tomatoes, and rice with vegetables

Did I mention it's hot in the library?


  1. Although I know a LOT about you, there are some things that are just TMI :)BTW...did they get the a/c fixed in the library for you LOL!!


    Tanya (the 'sister' part of you)

  2. Colleague and friend. I've been around the completely relaxed you! You are always so much fun to hang with. I'm glad we are friends.

    HBIC 110
    Sometimes that means Happy Being In Class 110
    But it always means Head Bitch In Charge

  3. girl, you have your sh°t together... don't worry about people who dole out advice all willie_neiley. :) I'd like to think i know the real you.And even tho i don't know alot of your history our even day to day things since we life so far apart, i still consider you a close friend!! <3


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