Monday, May 28, 2012

“The bigger the summer vacation the harder the fall”

I know it feel like forever since I last posted. So much has been going on and I just haven't felt like climbing the stairs to get on the laptop. I really need to just take it downstairs. I think that would help :)

I have a bunch of pictures....
At my cousin Sharon's wedding.

Hotter than a firecracker at the Memphis in May Beale St. Music Festival

Blaine's first MIM Music Fest. Celebrating with a turkey leg!


That time of year, former students turning into grown-ups.

Blossom End Rot struck one of my tomato plants :(

Former Student Ashley, thanks for inviting me!

One of my professors from Williams Baptist College. It was nice to run into her!

My garden is growing!

and so is Caleb! Hard to believe he's so big!


More Music Fest

See my "stripe?" it was HOT!
I have not been eating right or exercising. This showed when I finally visited with the nurse practitioner. I haven't lost any weight in months. But I'm not gaining. No more band tightening until I decide to "do right."

On a happy note, the air in the library finally was fixed! School is out for the summer and I'm going to enjoy every day!

More pictures and words to follow!


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  1. So glad you're back!! Have missed reading your blog. Now either start walking upstairs or bring that laptop down!!!Ha!!



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