Thursday, May 3, 2012

* Food is an important part of a balanced diet. - Anonymous

The AC still isn't fixed at work. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day! Pray for NO RAIN. If it sprinkles the repairman will not go on the roof!

We won at trivia last night! All that useless knowledge is finally paying off!

New plants before going into the new pots!

Jalapeno and Cayenne Pepper plants

Cucumbers and Blaine's eggplant plant. This pot is HUGE! It comes to my kneecap!
Tonight's dinner. Pork Tenderloin with scratch milk gravy, boiled squash and zucchini, black-eyed peas with tomatoes, onions, and bits of jalapeno, and baked potato with butter.

I'm happy to report that wascally wabbit has not been back into my raised garden bed! Otherwise, Hasenfeffer was going to be on the menu! I have THIRTEEN green tomatoes on my plants! I'm super excited. One of them is HUGE and is going to be super yummy on a sammich!

16 more mornings until summer!
35 more days until the family reunion!
54 more days until Chattanooga and Charleston!
70 more days until Flagstaff 
 (dates subject to change due to better counting lol)


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