Monday, June 4, 2012

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. Steve Martin

I'm still using my "fade" cream twice a day!
I know. I've missed a few days. At least it wasn't as many as last time!
We met with some friends for lunch at Memphis Pizza Cafe!

Got to play with this juicy baby by the pool.

We tried Wise Guys Chicago Style Pizza in Southaven, MS.

Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits!

Still loving avocados! Added some fresh tomatoes, refried beans, and a hamburger patty with provolone. YUM!

Tried Miss Polly's on Beale Street. Looking forward to going back.

My jalapeno plant is producing.

Ate at the Bar-B-Q Shop and was very disappointed. This cost almost $10. I was ripped off and they didn't seem to care :(

My friend Pam retired after 35 years in education!!!!! She gave me these "pimp" wine glasses to remember her by!

We went to the drive-in. It was a beautiful night! We watched Snow White and the Huntsman and Battleship.

I made Biscuit Chicken and Dumplins. Boil chicken broth, cut up a can of biscuits and boil. Add a can of chunk chicken and eat yourself silly!

Girls Night Out was a success. Other than that little incident of being pulled over by the PoPo on Summer Avenue :( we had a great time!!!!!

Kissy and Jami with their perfect pose.

All grins for Stacy and me!

Sara loves the bright light of my phone camera! It didn't help that we were melting from the steam being generated by the fondue pots.

The waitress fixing our fondue.

We went for sno-cones at Jerry's SnoCones

Jerry's Sno-Cones
Blaine and I have been keeping the roads hot!


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  1. Looks like you are living it up! :) Pam D.


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