Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Death in the House

No matter the circumstances, when there's a death it's always hard. You may know it's coming, you may think you have prepared for it mentally. No matter, it still hurts when it happens.

This is true for people. It's also true for washing machines.

Ours died yesterday. It's cold dead carcass is just sitting there in the laundry room. I finally removed the clothes and wrung them out. Blaine took them to his parents and they rinsed and dried them. When he got home he scooped all the water out and dumped it.

I got online at this morning and ordered a new washer and dryer. We really thought the dryer was who was going to go first. So, since we were buying a new washer, we bit the bullet and sprung for a new dryer too.

We just got a plain jane, run of the mill, nothing special set. Yeah, the new front loader are super pretty, fancy and have all the bells and whistles. But, I got a washer AND dryer for about what a new fancy washer would have cost. I also did a little research and found a promo code and saved 5% off my purchase! woot woot!

I also hit and ordered a new area rug! Found a promo code for it and got a super cute rug for $125!!!! That's including delivery. There's no way I could find a rug for that price in Memphis and them deliver it! I've ordered rugs from before and loved them. But after six years of heavy traffic, we wanted a new one. I hope I love it just as much!

I'll be sure and take pics of the new stuff when it gets here!



  2. Did you hear about our death in the house? We were both in the study when we heard a loud explosion and smoke filled the hallway. We couldn't figure out what the problem was, so we ignored it and hoped it would go away. Not so! The next day we tried drying some clothes and realized it was the dryer that had exploded. It wouldn't work. So we went out to Home Depot and bought a new dryer and carted it home. When we took out the old dryer, we realized it wasn't the dryer, but the cords connecting the old dryer were all burned up and frayed. Apparently it was the cords that exploded. Anyway, your daddy hooked up the new dryer and we used it a couple of times, but we didn't like it because it didn't buzz loudly so he could hear it when it finished its cycle. So, we carted it back to Home Depot and got our money back, bought some new cords (the old ones had been Jerry-rigged in the past)and hooked up the old dryer. It works fine! Sigh! I think the Lord truly protected us from fire and worse. Know you will enjoy your new washer and dryer. Enjoyed your story. Coco

  3. I have front loading machines (came with the house we just moved into) and I miss my top-loader washer. :( Nina


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