Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Just a Jump to the Left!

It's been one of those days.

No matter what I eat. Elmer is NOT liking it. Next is a can of soup. He always likes soup.
Friday night, I had a first!

At my age there aren't a whole lot of firsts left. At least firsts that I want to experience!
-I've never been arrested
-I've never been in jail
-I've never been in ICU
-I've never been interviewed on television

and until Friday night I had never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theatre. It was great! There were people there dressed as the characters. We yelled at the screen, we threw things (no water, rice, toast or lighters per managements request!), and we sang and danced! 

Blaine may be scarred for life, but I had a blast. I'm ready to try the small theatre that does it once a month at midnight. I'm thinking it will be a pretty hard core experience!

Some firsts I have left:
-go to Italy
-go to Sun Studios
-go to Australia
-ride in a helicopter
-go to Alaska
-go to a cooking class
-see a professional football game
-go to the top of the Empire State Building
-live near the ocean
-spend a month on vacation

for your viewing pleasure:

What would you like to do?


  1. Well, come down to New Orleans and if you plan it right, you can watch a Saints game in the dome, take a helicopter ride, and attend the New Orleans School of Cooking. (That's one of my favorite things--I'll do that with you!) :-) Ellen

  2. I wanna go with you and Ellen :) The pic of you is long did you have to practice that face? Is it this year's school pic??? ILYAnnie


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