Monday, September 10, 2012

Riding off into the sunset

Actually we are sitting! We went to Lenny's, got a couple of subs, and headed for the river. We broke out the chairs and ate our food as we watched the river pass us by.

Some days at school are rougher than others and the river seems to soothe our souls.

Nothing like just sitting and feeling the calm in the air. Although, I do have to swat the occasional bug.

Life is too short to hold on to all that stress and tension. We need to just learn to let it out and keep on rolling.

What do you do for stress release?

I tried publishing this with a picture from my iPhone, but it just wouldn't cooperate.



  1. Crank up the 80s music and dance it out, of course!
    She's a maniac, maniac, on the floor....

    Rhonda E

  2. Humor helps tremendously! I laugh as much as I can...Coco


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