Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flying by the seat of my pants!

My hat from In-N-Out!
This has been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda week! Monday our Assistant Principal came in and asked if I thought Blaine would be willing to go to Dallas for a math conference on Wednesday. I asked "next Wednesday?" Nope, she meant in two days Wednesday!

Wow! I booked flights, got the hotel reservations switched, and started freaking out. But it all worked out fine.

Our hotel had a slide on every floor! It was awesome. We were near main street and some really cool restaurants. I know the waiters thought we were weird, we had to ask for separate checks every time!

Blaine took a walk and visited Dealy Plaza where the JFK assassination took place. The rest of the time he was in meetings.

I posted on facebook that we were in Dallas and a college classmate messaged me about dinner! How exciting and we had a blast. After dinner we stopped by Wal-Mart! We don't go out of town that we don't go there HA!
Dinner at Razoo's!

Suzette and her hubby Brian

I loved visiting with Suzette and her husband!

One of my all-time favorite pics of Blaine and me!

And I begged to go to an In-and Out Burger! I got a cheeseburger "Animal Style" and some fries. Perfect late night snack, if you're in college.

We left on Friday morning. I was sitting on the floor in the Dallas Love airport and saw a guy with dreads walk by. I immediately starting posting on facebook "I think I just saw a guy from American Idol!" Figured out his name was Jason Castro and told Blaine who I'd seen.

Blaine went and found him and asked if he'd be willing to have his picture made with me! I have an AWESOME husband! Jason was super nice!
Jason Castro was such a good sport. I immediately downloaded a song of his on iTunes!

Once we landed in Little Rock, we stopped at a place called Cotham's Merchantile. It was featured on "Man vs. Food" and we wanted to try it. The hamburger was HUGE and the fried green tomatoes yummy!

On the way home, we came to a DEAD STOP on I40 East. I noticed a persimmon tree loaded with fruit. Blaine couldn't believe I actually hopped out of the car and picked some!
NO, I did NOT eat any of them!

We finally made it back home and I immediately started getting ready for a mini-reunion my high school class was having. We went to a football game and then had a bonfire. I had a great time just hanging out.

While at the game, I got to visit with a classmate from college. I hate that I didn't get a picture with her! Love ya Deborah!

I'll leave you with a few extra pictures that got uploaded today:
feeding Kenya the giraffe at the Memphis Zoo

a lovely lioness

my beautiful friend Kissy

and Sweetie Pie Eli, he sure did love the blue icing!
Have a great week!


Friday, October 5, 2012

"Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty..." - Robert Frost

 It's been a wonderful day! From the very beginning, to right this very minute!

Blaine brought my fancy wrapped presents to school!

Inside was a beautiful Vera Bradley bag (or as Blaine calls it a Vera Wang!) and some Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume, lotion, body wash, and cute little bag!

My work Bestie, Tona, brought me this bag. Took me a few minutes to even look inside the bag!

She brought me this cute bag! I love it!

Some of the students came and sang Happy Birthday and brought me birthday cards they had colored. It really made my day! They were more excited it was my birthday than I was and I was pretty excited!

I love that one of them says "Happy 22nd Birthday!"

My friend Pam sent me these beautiful flowers (which I've already planted, before the rains came!) and a loaf of fresh baked bread!
I also received some great cards and other gifts. But, it isn't all about the presents. Just reading all the birthday wishes on facebook and having everybody tell me happy birthday was a blessing. It's a wonderful thing to feel so loved!

We were going to go to a fancy EYE-talian restaurant for dinner. I got all gussied up, put on make-up and fixed my hair. On the way to the restaurant I called to see if we needed reservations and they told me they were closed for a party. I was seriously bummed for about five minutes. Then we decided to head to Paulette's down by the river and ate some fru-fru fancy food. It was good, but spending time with Blaine was the best thing.

After dinner we went down and just watched the river and a storm front moving in. We decided to head home and now we're going to go spend some more time together and listen to the rain.

I love my husband. I love my job. I love my life. And I love all of you!

Thanks for one of my best birthdays EVER! I look forward to as many more as I'm blessed to have!