Saturday, January 5, 2013

Double Date Night

Tonight Blaine and I had dinner with my adopted niece, Kelly, and her feller Eric.

I had a great time. I also drank a margarita. I don't normally drink. I'm usually the designated driver! Tonight Blaine was driving, so I felt comfortable having ONE!

While we were out, we saw some of my other friends. I always love seeing people I know!

I'm also posting this from the blogger app on my phone. I wanted to see how it would do.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it." — Chinese Proverbs

 Some of my favorite pictures, in no particular order, from 2012....

Last year I made two resolutions:
Drink more water, I did it, gonna try to drink even more!
Exercise more, I started water aerobics, gonna try and stick with it!

Once again I remember my momma.
It feels like it's been forever since I spoke with her.
Eleven years feels like more.
I find myself thinking about her more as I get older.
She enters my thoughts often while I'm cooking. Maybe that's why I cook more? I feel closer to her in my kitchen.
I still miss her. It doesn't hurt as much, but the hole is still there.

To be an ideal guest, stay at home. E. W. Howe

 I see a change. More changes than can be seen in a picture.

How much will life have changed this time next year?

Good or bad. We know it will change.

Some changes we have some control, most changes we have none.

Most changes come with no warning or directions.

Happy New Year!

p.s. I don't know why the text is above the pictures.

Picture #620

Picture #62