Thursday, November 28, 2013

The truth is still cold and hard

I always said, I'll be honest. It might not be obvious to you, but I've gained some weight, I weighed 283 this morning. In October, I had to have half of the fluid removed from my band.

I had to have this done because I'd been throwing up several times a week. This began in May when I got a stomach bug and was throwing up real bad. It felt like my band slipped. I gained some weight back then. I also went back to bad eating habits. Those bad foods were the ones that went down and stayed down. Let's not lie, they also taste mighty good too!

I finally went to the lap band doctor in October and she removed half my fluid and ordered an upper GI test for a month later.

OH DEAR ME! I hadn't realized how much the band was limiting my food intake! I suddenly became hungry all the time! Where I was used to just being able to eat a small amount, suddenly I could eat the whole burger AND the fries. NOT GOOD!

By the time my month had passed, I managed to gain 10 more pounds. The upper GI test came back with good results, no damage to my esophagus, stomach, or band. The band doctor added 2ml back to my band. I have an appointment in December to add more to my band. I'm ready to get back to small portions and feeling full again!

It's really disheartening to have gained back so much of what I had lost. All in all, I've gained back 20 pounds, from where I had leveled off. But I'll be back on track soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!