Saturday, December 5, 2015

Let's pause, for menopause.

I had to have a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy on November 14. Very unexpected and totally unplanned. I have now been thrown into full menopause. 

I'm nuttier than a bowl of Froot Loops!

Okay women, we need to more forth coming and honest about this menopause crap. I'd heard about hot flashes and mood swings, but did any of you warn me about being/thinking/doing violent things???? Pray for Blaine. That's it nothing specific, except maybe that he survives, I do love him. 

I was putting the lid on an honest to goodness Tupperware brand bowl, that I got from Tanya

and the middle of the lid cracked. 

When I tell you that I was just seconds away from hurling turkey rice soup all over my kitchen, you'd be smart to believe me!

Y'all can private message all you want but his stuff needs to be public!

I'm surprised more menopausal women aren't found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity!

I know there are drugs and homeopathic stuff out there, I'm going to work on which one is right for me. Feel free to share but don't be judgy if I decide on one you don't like. (Kisses!)

And by the way, when I have a hot flash and take my temperature, it's generally 99.6, just a tidbit of trivia. If you see me and my face is red, turn around and run the other direction! 

This has been a public service announcement to ensure your safety during this holiday season. 

Please go back to your regularly scheduled web crawling!

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